‘Turning your vision into a sonic reality’


I’m Mike Botwright, a Brighton-based sound designer, editor and musician.

After receiving a BA Hons in Documentary Film Making, I went on to gain a diploma in both Sound Engineering and Advanced Post Production Sound at the London School of Sound Recording. Over the past ten years I have been involved in a varying array of sound related projects. From live musical performance to documentary sound design, I have covered a broad spectrum of audio positions.

With the skills I have acquired in both recorded and synthesised audio recreation, my aim is to create a story through sound. Whether it’s a heartfelt drama or a gritty horror, I will work alongside you to ensure that your vision is conveyed clearly and together we can tell your story as it was meant to be told.



  • Pro Tools – Certified 201 Operator
  • Trained on both the Avid S6 (Digital) and Soundcraft Ghost (Analogue) consoles.
  • Confident in all areas of recording and mixing including – ADR, dialogue editing, sound design, track laying, SFX editing, and Foley.
  • Audio clean-up and restoration using various plug-ins including Izotope RX
  • Post production workflows and deliverables
  • Location sound recording including drama and documentary
  • Use of a wide selection of microphones and recording techniques
  • Confident using a range of HD camcorders for documentary and film use
  • Basic video editing